The Ultimate Upgrade for the Serious Player

As the relentless summer sun beats down, there’s no better escape than the cool haven of your room. The air conditioner hums in the background, setting the perfect atmosphere for a long gaming session. It’s a familiar scene: the atmosphere is thick with anticipation. You’re deep in the shadows of a covert raid, every click and command syncing seamlessly with your squad. Victory is in sight. The enemy is unsuspecting, the environment perfectly manipulated in your favor, and just as you’re about to clinch that sweet, epic win … disaster strikes.


Your screen stutters, commands echo in a maddening delay, and by the time the digital dust settles, it’s game over for your team. The spoils of war snatched away, leaving you with that all-too-familiar bitter taste of what could’ve been.

But what if that didn’t have to be your reality? Enter fiber internet, the game-changer of the gaming world.  A powerhouse in a realm where every millisecond is a battle. With fiber, you don’t just stand tall, you stand unmatched.

Unparalleled Speeds

Imagine this: a game with a huge 50GB file, and you’ve only got a few hours before a gaming night with friends. With traditional cable, you might as well make dinner, watch a movie, and maybe take a nap while waiting. With fiber? By the time you’ve grabbed a snack and returned, your download progress is already halfway done.

Latency – Not on Fiber’s Watch

In the world of gaming, latency is the villain we all despise. It’s the difference between landing the final blow or being taken down by an opponent you didn’t even see coming. But with fiber’s low latency, you’re not just reacting; you’re predicting, and ensuring you are the shadow no one ever sees coming.

Stability – Keep Your Head in the Game

Ever had one of those ready-to-throw-your-controller-across-the-room moments when, deep into a crucial game, everything suddenly goes dark? Random disconnections, another arch-nemesis of gamers everywhere. But with fiber’s rock-solid stability, those unexpected game-enders become tales of the past. With fiber, once you’re in the zone, you’re unstoppable.

In Sync and On Point – Seamless Multiplayer Experiences

For strategy games where every move counts or fast-paced shooters where team coordination is key, fiber ensures that you and your teammates are always on the same page. No more miscommunications or out-of-sync movements. Every strategy is executed with precision.

Choose the Right Plan – Factors to Consider for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, not all fiber plans are created equal. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is all about how much data your connection can handle at once. If you’re playing a game and someone else in the house is streaming a movie, you’ll need enough bandwidth to ensure everyone’s online activities run smoothly. This is especially true for fast-paced multiplayer games, where any delay can cost you the match.
  • Data Caps: Having a data cap on your internet plan is like having a time limit on your gaming sessions. Once you hit that cap, things might slow down or, worse, grind to a full halt. For those who enjoy long gaming sessions or often download large game updates, having an unlimited data plan ensures you never have to worry about hitting a limit.

Empire Access – Your Cheat Code for Lag-Free Gaming

The gaming world is fiercely competitive and constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to have the best tools at your disposal. And when it comes to internet connectivity, fiber is the undisputed champion. For gamers, it’s not just about playing; it’s about playing to win.

Don’t settle for less. Level up with Empire Access. As your local provider, our commitment to quality fiber means we care about consistent, reliable connectivity so you can outpace your rivals and enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality gameplay every time.

Say goodbye to lag-induced heartbreaks. With Empire Access, your perfect summer escape is just a click away: Check availability in your area.

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Empire Access continues to win accolades for our unwavering commitment to excellence.

When Empire came into my neighborhood, I decided to give them a shot. So grateful I did. Besides the LIGHTNING fast speeds, my favorite thing about Empire is their incredible customer service … can’t say enough good things about Empire Access. I’ve loved every day I’ve been able to use their internet services…

- Steve A.

I have to say that everyone that I have dealt with at Empire has been top notch… At times, I felt like we were their only customer. As far as the Fiber is concerned, it gives us reliability that we have not had — ever — and the speed that we desperately lacked…

- Joe C., Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples, NY
Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples, NY

I would just like to add that I am very happy that I changed providers! It’s so nice to get a real person who can answer my picky little questions right away without having to wait, thank you for everything.

- Sidney P., Hornell, NY
Young Woman Smiling

Fiber connectivity is amazing, and so are the folks who brought it to my house and keep it running smoothly. As always, especially when I have the luxury of not thinking about it at all, you have my thanks.

- Jason T., Big Flats, NY
Happy Fiber Customer

They got everything running in no time and were super helpful in setting up my home and answering questions. I truly appreciate the great service.

- Eric M., Corning, NY
Smiling Man

We are very thankful to Empire Access for selecting our area to be our service provider for fiber optic high speed internet and phone service. We are very happy with the speed they provide along with the unlimited data. My husband and myself were very impressed with everyone that we dealt with…

- Veda M., Elmira, NY
Happy Fiber Customer

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