Leave the Hosting to Us and Focus on Your Business

With hosted services, Empire Access installs and manages a customized phone solution that meets the needs of your business. The key advantage of a hosted system is that the entire telephony infrastructure, except phones and related equipment, resides at Empire Access’s secure central office and we manage the system for you. 

This removes the need for maintaining an in-house phone system at your business, and eliminates the need to upgrade your software. We provide a state-of-the-art business IP phone system, high-speed Internet, and voice services, minus the cost and hassle of traditional in-house systems.

  • All phones are pre-configured and we manage all firmware upgrades seamlessly
  • Easy-to-navigate user interfaces
  • Cutting-edge voice technology
  • Web portal for self-care of your key feature settings without having to call us
  • Reduced capital expense of owning and maintaining phone equipment

Hosted Solutions for Multi-Site Organizations

Do you have more than one office or other locations? With a hosted phone solution, multi-location offices are easily served. Empire Access can assign a virtual number to the office location of your choice. And if you have employees who are on the move much of the time, a hosted phone solution allows them to stay connected remotely – using a broadband Internet connection with an IP phone or a computer with a soft phone.

Empire Access uses polycom phones to deliver industry-leading phone service to our customers.

See what our customers are saying!


"I have to say that everyone that I have dealt with at Empire has been top notch. I was honestly surprised at the pride and knowledge that they had, and they actually were following up to see if everything was working the way it should. At times, I felt like we were their only customer. As far as the Fiber is concerned, it gives us reliability that we have not had — ever — and the speed that we desperately lacked. We also have a sense of partnership, meaning that our voices will always be heard by someone who actually cares about our business."

– Joe Callaghan, General Manager - Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples, NY

"They got everything running in no time and were super helpful in setting up my home and answering questions. I truly appreciate the great service."

– Eric M., Corning, NY

“Fiber connectivity is amazing, and so are the folks who brought it to my house, and keep it running smoothly. As always, especially when I have the luxury of not thinking about it at all, you have my thanks.”

– Jason T., Big Flats, NY





“We are very thankful to Empire Access for selecting our area to be our service provider for fiber optic high speed internet and phone service.  We are very happy with the speed that they provide along with the unlimited data.  Both my husband and myself were very impressed with everyone that we dealt with from when we first signed up to the very efficient, friendly and helpful installer.”

– Veda M., Elmira, NY





“The tech that hooked up my service did an awesome job setting up and explaining everything. He was very fast and easy to talk to. He's a great asset to your company. THANK YOU”

James, Canandaigua, NY

“In the past, when I had a group of photos to upload at night for a slide show, I would typically get the upload started and go to bed and post the slide show in the morning. It would take an hour, maybe two hours, depending on the size of the slide show, to upload the photos. Now we have broadband through Empire Access. It took only 10 minutes to upload this slide show.”

– Howard Owens, Publisher - The Batavian - Online News. Community Views, Batavia, NY

"Wow!  Just wow!!  I’ve been interested in fiber optic internet access ever since I heard about it several years ago. When Empire came into my neighborhood, I decided to give them a shot. So grateful I did. Besides the LIGHTNING fast speeds, my favorite thing about Empire is their incredible customer service. Their agents are available 24/7, I easily access an agent, and I get to speak with somebody local. Can’t say enough good things about Empire Access. I’ve loved every day I’ve been able to use their internet services. Please give them a chance!!"

– Steve A.

“I would just like to add that I am very happy that I changed providers ! It’s so nice to get a real person who can answer my picky little questions right away without having to wait, Thank you for everything.”

– Sidney P., Hornell, NY